Reg Jennings

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Reg played EEb Bass

Before joining the band Reg was already well known to many of his colleagues, having spent many years playing in Southsea Citadel Band, where he still occasionally helps out.

Reg is a retired Production Controller and with his wife now lives in Fareham.

Reg has 2 children and 5 grandchildren.

Reg was also The Corps Sergeant Major at The Salvation Army, Hedge End, during his time there and after many years planning they moved into a building in 2013.

Reg was a valuable addition to the bass section, strengthening the 'back bone' of the band, building a foundation for the rest to follow! Church and family commitments took a lot of Reg's time and he decided to retire from the band recently. However we still view him as a member and are always glad to see him at anytime.