Major Geoff Chape

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When Major Geoff Chape was appointed as the Divisional Director for Evangelism for the Southern Division of The Salvation Army he was also appointed to succeed Major Adrian Allman as the Executive Officer of the band. After several years of this appointment Geoff was appointed to be Corps Officer of Portsmouth Citadel Corps. Since this is the corps the band rehearse at Geoff maintains an interest and a connection with the band to this day.

Born in the North East of England, Geoff was brought up in The Salvation Army at the Middlesbrough North Ormesby and Eston corps. He started playing a musical instrument aged 5, became YP Bandleader at 16yrs and the corps Bandmaster at 20. Geoff has maintained his playing over the years, and has now progressed to larger mouthpieces as the years have passed. In his previous appointment as the Commanding Officer at Blackpool Citadel he spent his last 2 years there, playing Bass Trombone or EEb Bass as required.

For Geoff, the brass playing, both previous to and through his officership has been a source of rich fellowship, enjoyment and blessing. The capacity to bring blessing to others, not only personal enjoyment, has been an inspirational reason for his continuing playing and support of Salvation Army brass bands. It is Geoff’s prayer that he offers some continuing influence and direction that allows our sacred music to be relevant and necessarily positive for our worship and service.

As is the Salvation Army way. Geoff was appointed away from the area and back to London to a National Territorial job and hence from there and currently, he is serving in Bangladesh at The Salvation Army's training college.