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SFB’s Radio Programme hits a Triple Century

A radio programme of Salvation Army music broadcast on Havant based Angel radio originally scheduled for six or perhaps twelve shows will reach its three hundredth edition on Sunday 20th November. So far 1838 tracks have been played with very rare duplication over the years. The programme is sponsored anonymously on behalf of the SFB.

The station broadcasts on fm 101.1 in the Havant and Portsmouth area, DAB throughout the Southern Counties, and in several Midland areas. Thanks to the internet the programme is heard throughout the country and a recent review indicated that there were listeners to the Sunday morning broadcast in over 60 countries worldwide.

The 300th Programme:

March: “Bognor Regis”: Solent Fellowship Band, [Conducted by John Bird]
Euphonium Solo: “A Starry crown”: Soloist Dan Redhead with the SFB [JB]
Band Song: “When Jesus Looked o’er Galilee” SFB [JB]
Cornet Solo: “Golden Slippers”: Deryck Diffey with the Canadian Staff Band [NB]
March: “Montreal Citadel”: CSB [Conducted by Norman Bearcroft]

Angel Radio Sunday Morning 10am
Repeat Thursdays 5.30pm [DD]